Japanese Movies at Western Film
Join us for a contemporary Japanese film CLOSE KNIT at Western Film on Monday March 18, 2019. FREE admission, JPN w/ ENG subs. Arrive early to avoid disappointment!
Monday March 18, 2019 7:00 PM
@Western Film
Open to students, faculty, staff & public
Directed by Naoko Ogigami
2017, (127 minutes) Japanese with English subtitles
After being abandoned by her mother, 11-year-old Tomo is taken in by her uncle Makio and his girlfriend Rinko. Rinko is a transgendered woman with a heart of gold. Close-knit offers a heart-warming reflection on discrimination and ignorance and, more importantly, on the true meaning of family. Plus lots of knitting!
Director Naoko Ogigami is one of the next wave of pre-eminent female filmmakers from Japan. Films also directed by her include Megane, Rent-A-Cat, Toilet, Kamome Diner, Go Go Haiku Girl and Yoshino’s Barber.