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While we understand that language is limiting, and will not fully capture our evolving community, the London Lesbian Film Festival welcomes lesbians, non-binary folks, and 2SLGBTQIA+ women to all film screenings and social events.  The Sunday film screening is open to the entire 2SLGBTQIA+ community and our allies.”

Friday Films

Wolf Performance Hall
251 Dundas Street, London
(Central Library building)

Doors Open 6:30 PM
Films Screening 7:00 PM

Film Screening only


Friday Reception

Due to limited capacity this will be a separate ticketed event; we hope to see you there!
Light food provided.
Cash Bar

Doors Open 9:30 PM

Delta London Armouries
Gunnery Ballroom
325 Dundas St, London, ON


Saturday Films

Wolf Performance Hall
251 Dundas Street, London
(Central Library building)

Doors Open 12:30 PM
Films Screening 1:00 PM

Film Screening only


Sunday Films

Wolf Performance Hall
251 Dundas Street, London
(Central Library building)

Doors Open 1:30 PM
Films Screening 2:00 PM

Film Screening only


Weekend Pass

Pass includes:
  • ALL film screenings
  • Saturday Dance
    with DJ Dallas
  • Pre show
  • Sunday Brunch & Comedy 
  • Friday cocktail reception is NOT included in weekend pass please purchase separately.



Best Western
Lamplighter Inn

591 Wellington Road South, London


Doors Open 7:30 PM
Pre show 8:00 PM
Dance 9:00 PM
Cash bar



Best Western
Lamplighter Inn

591 Wellington Road South, London


Doors Open 9:45 AM
Brunch 10:15
Comedian 11:45


community impact

Pay it Forward

Purchase one film screening admission for someone in need. 


Purchase one dance admission for someone in need. 


Tickets are now live and available for purchase. Since we have partnered with a new ticketing platform, Eventbrite, there are a few changes from prior years.

Eventbrite is the exclusive seller for LLFF tickets this festival year. Below, please find screenshots to help with the purchasing process. Eventbrite can be used to purchase multiple tickets of one kind but since there is no cart feature on the platform you must complete multiple transactions if you want different event tickets. For example I could purchase 2 weekend passes on the same transaction but in order to buy reception tickets which are not included in the weekend pass you must finish the weekend pass purchase and then land back on the tickets page to purchase the reception separately. Thankfully Eventbrite does not auto redirect on purchase so if you follow the directions below you should have a pleasant experience and be successful. We realize this is inconvenient for some but it is unavoidable.

Here is the link to the tickets: Eventbrite LLFF tickets

The Eventbrite homepage will list the tickets we are selling this year. Read each carefully before committing to purchase. A full schedule of events is available at on our events page. Our Pay it Forward Films and Dance tickets are available to purchase again this year, please ignore the dates/times on the LLFF Eventbrite main page for these; the dates and times were populated wrong intentionally in order to move the ticket type to the end of the options in an effort to avoid confusion and accidental purchase.

We are all very excited to launch the 2024 Festival Ticket Sales and look forward to seeing all of you wonderful people over the weekend May 3 – 5, 2024!


A quick run through of a sample ticket purchase.

I selected the reception ticket from the main page. After populating the quantity (QTY) and hitting the check out button I was brought to this page.

Reception ticket dialogue box

Alternative methods of payment

PayPal, Google Pay

Populate payment information and submit the order (the first time I did it I got an error but I just hit it again and had success). This page pops up confirming your order number, # of tickets, which event, and the email it is sending the ticket to. 


NOTE: if you want to purchase other products before exiting, this is where you will need to hit the “x” at the top right of the box and you will be returned to the ticket page.


Hitting the “x” in the top right corner of the screen (from above) reveals the page that you were just on. You can close the tab for this page and continue to purchase other products from the tab for the main page in another transaction.

An arrow pointing to the tab of the main page where you can continue to buy tickets if required

What do I have to do now that I have purchased my tickets?

You can find/check your purchased tickets on your profile found at the top right of the Eventbrite page. Use the dropdown to find “Tickets”. By clicking on the ticket you can print tickets, etc.

Bring your printed ticket, or your app or an email with the QR code for us to scan at each event for entry!

Weekend Pass purchasers will be given a physical weekend pass at the first event they attend when they present their unique QR code.