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We recently discovered 76 reasons
for you to advertise with us.

Facts are, we have the undeniable privilege of living in one of the most progressive na- tions in the world. A nation where we can weave our fingers together with our beloved, in public. A nation where we can agonize over red leather or lavender lace for our wedding.

On our last count, 76 countries deem homosexuality and lesbianism illegal.

81 more reasons to invite your business or organization to join us in fortifying London’s economy through progressive films, vibrant entertainment and freedom of expression.

With us, your ad isn’t just an ad.

It’s your commitment to your cause. Offering your valuable service to dedicated customers and being an integral part of the success of the community with what your business has to offer. Because we know you’re a business owner—with a forward-thinking business to build, that’s why we want to take you with us!

Focused advertising to a discerning group, a group who ‘supports businesses that support us’.

Your dollars support us to bring high quality films and entertainment to this artful celebration of diversity and community spirit…and, really, do we need to give you 76 more reasons to advertise with us?

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North America’s Longest Running & Canada’s Only Lesbian Film Festival is ideally located between Detroit/Windsor and Toronto and attracts women from all over Ontario and the United States to attend this unique and highly anticipated weekend.