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Who, you may ask, are the Reeling Spinsters?

We are a diverse group of lesbian, bisexual and queer women who work hard all year long screening films, fundraising, advertising and putting on the festival. The committee is entirely volunteer.

Did you know that our logo was the concept of two former Reeling Spinsters. Artist Loren Griffyn conceptualized the logo and designer Jeanie MacWilliam developed it into a format that could be applied digitally and in print. The logo premiered in 2004 at the 13th film festival. Kerry Kearns, festival coordinator from 2002-2009 sports a tattoo of the logo on her left bicep.

London Lesbian Film Festival

The London Lesbian Film Festival is a celebratory gathering at which we project our images, challenge our politics, and reflect upon our lives. The festival aims to portray the richness and diversity of lesbian experiences and to strengthen our communities. We are a registered not-for-profit organization.

The Festival is held every year in London, Ontario, Canada. There are usually 3 days of films, and each screening lasts 2-3 hours.The festival is organized by the Reeling Spinsters.

While we understand that language is limiting, and will not fully capture our evolving community, the London Lesbian Film Festival welcomes lesbians, non-binary folks, and 2SLGBTQIA+ women. The Sunday film screening is open to the entire 2SLGBTQIA+ community and our allies.

Accessibility symbol: Wheelchair in a white circle and auditory accessibility an ear in a white circle All of our venues are fully accessible, however, if you require an accommodation (auditory, mobility, etc.) at any of our venues please reach out to and we will work with you to make a plan or explore options.

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