Hi everyone,
Have you checked out the website? Our artwork this year reflects our change …..Same, but different.
Same will be great film, reception, dance and brunch.
Different will be moving from Rainbow Cinemas (now Imagine Cinemas)….we’ve outgrown them ….. They now have an amazing film viewing experience with their new recliner seating theatre style! Although we will miss Rainbow, we’d like to thank them for being our host theatre for the last 15 years….and look forward to enjoying regular feature films at Imagine during the year.
In March we’ll provide a comparison of our 2 new venues so you can decide amongst your friends on which theatre you will be choosing….passes will be theatre specific – Palace Theatre or Aeolian Hall.
This year, you can look forward to DJ Finesse at the dance, Sabrina Jalees (presented by Mary R Disalvo) and Auctionista Layne with our live and silent auctions at the brunch.
Films will be listed mid March, tickets will go on sale shortly after that…on the website and at Village Idiot for cash sales