Thank-you to everyone who participated in our post-festival survey last year. We received 125 completed surveys and we would like to share some of the results.

The average age of those completing the survey was 50, with the range being from 23 to 80 years of age.

One respondent had attended all 20 festivals and 24 respondents had attended only one festival.

The four (4) most preferred films topics/content were lesbian only, international, sexual content and human rights.

We introduced a weekend pass (entry into all film screenings and festival events) in 2010 and again in 2011 for $55. The survey asked, “How affordable is the weekend pass for you?” and respondents answered:
Very (willing to pay more) – 32%
Just right (affordable) – 59%

We asked about the start times (Friday @ 7 pm and Saturday & Sunday @ 2 pm) and length (3-hours) of the film screenings. The majority of respondents prefer we maintain our current start times (> 72%) and length of the film screenings (87%).

Several questions were asked to determine the importance of preserving and creating women-only space. The festival currently offers two women-only (i.e. identifies as a woman) film screenings and women-only events. When asked how important women-only space is, respondents answered:
Extremely important – 34%
Very important – 31%
Somewhat important – 19%

When specifically asked if more film screenings should be open to everyone, 77% responded ‘no’.

Respondents indicated interest in attending film discussions (67%; director or panel led) and workshops (40%; creative, filmmaking), and having access to vendors (83%).

When asked how they get information about the festival, 88% of respondents go to our website, 54% through e-mail lists and 25% utilize facebook.

Some comments received:

“I love the LLFF and wish I was able to go more often. It is an oasis of queerness and woman-only space in a life of heterosexuality.”

“2011 LLFF was life affirming. I had a totally great time!”

“I think you’re all doing a fabulous job and look forward to the LLFF each year!”