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Our 2016 Art Auction Artists

The Festival is lucky to have generous artists in our midst. These four artists have each donated a beautiful painting for the auction being held during Sunday Brunch. The auction will be conducted by the talented Linda Leja – “The Auctionista”  (this ain’t no silent auction!).  Thank you to our artists. Check out the bios and web pages, be sure you have your brunch ticket so that you can bid on these fantastic pieces!

All money raised will go towards events and initiatives of the London Lesbian Film Festival.

LLFF2016AuctionLorenGriffyn 1

Loren Griffyn

The creative process allows space for me to get out of my head and reconnect to the joy that comes with spontaneous expression.

I’m deeply moved by nature, especially birds and the divine feminine, and love tapping into my intuition as I paint. The most exciting part of this process is the organic appearance of winged creatures, female figures, and complex fields of colour that are both beautiful and mysterious.

Ultimately, I consider my work to be a celebration of life, where the subtle language of colour, line, texture and shape allow a glimpse into a world the viewer rarely gets to see…one I hope sparks intrigue and wonder, mystery and delight.


Margaret Rossiter Bio Art Auction1

Margaret Rossiter

I am a painter whose art is a spiritual practice akin to meditation. As an act of devotion, I paint the world as I perceive it, as honestly and directly as I can. This is a form of prayer, and a way to nourish spirit. What my art celebrates above all is life force, the soul of nature. My art is also a response to beauty. I see something that takes my breath away, opens my heart, and moves me. My humanity is touched and I need to respond by painting to evoke and distil the essence of that moment. It is a moment of remembering the best of what I, as a human being, can be. For the viewer, each painting is a window on some fragment of the web of life; a reminder, on some level, of the Whole of which each of us is but a part. Each painting is a reflection of the truth that we are all beings


Maureen Riley

I have been a full time artist in London Ontario for 35 years. My palette includes a range of brilliant colours and my work references mediaeval, folk and modern art. From my first painting, and continuing today, the main theme of my work is the portrayal of strong, empowering and mysterious women. In my smaller works, critters are often present. I often do background research when painting certain subjects, so I may incorporate sayings or snippets from my research into the work.

Pauline Moss Corporate Logo 1

Pauline Moss
Facebook page: little bandit design
Find her on Facebook: Little Bandit Design

Pauline Moss is a visual and performance artist.

She is from Newfoundland and is very much influenced by her isolated village upbringing. Other influences include shamanism and early twentieth century culture, especially queer lives. She paints under the name Little Bandit Design and can usually be found somewhere in nature or daydreaming in front of a canvas, brush in hand.

She offers both original or custom paintings and drawings.