Brunch and DeAnne Smith

<h2>Brunch Tickets are no longer available</h2>

Wear your stretchy pants, \’cause brunch is back and it will be better than ever. We\’ll help you work off your brunch by introducing DeAnne Smith (keep this in mind when you go back for your second danish). She has a Netflix special, has appeared on the Late Show, killed at Just for Laughs 42, hung out with the Scots at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival –  \’cause she\’s gull darned smart and hilarious. Don\’t miss this. If you haven\’t got a weekend pass you\’ll need to buy your Brunch ticket here. 

Brunch and DeAnne Smith
Carousel Room
Doors Open at 10:00 am
Starts at 10:30 am
Western Fair District
865 Florence Street\"\"