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It’s our 30th and we’re going to make sure that this festival will be one for the history books. Films? You betcha – something for everyone. Comedian? Former UN Human rights lawyer turned comedian (I mean, how else do you follow that up?). Drag Kings? Mmm hmm – The GUTTERBOYZ! Dance? With the always fabulous DJ Dallas. We can’t wait to see you.

Tickets are available NOW

Delta London Armouries booking link available NOW (see below). 

Comedian Jess Salomon

We are THRILLED to have Jess Salomon this year! Batten down the bagels, cause this is going to be a wild ride. 

You’ve seen her on Fallon (Jimmy. I mean where have you been?!). Written for the hilarious Baroness Von Sketch show and is flying in  from New York City, the comedy epicentre, to make us laugh.

DJ Dallas Yup! That DJ Dallas. We’re happy to have DJ Dallas back for our 30th at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn. Join us at Saturday’s dance.

GUTTERBOYZ Uh huh. You know them and love them and if you don’t you will – the legendary Drag Kings will be gracing the stage ahead of the dance and DJ Dallas.

Photo of Delta Armouries hotel in down town London.

Get your rooms! The Delta London Armouries has provided limited rooms at a discount again this year. Use this link to book your room over here! Book before April 7.

New 30 years LLFF Merch

Buy your LLFF 30th Anniversary merch now, pick it up and wear it at the festival. Prêt à Porter! Our friends at Positive Identity have created a portal for you ( to  peruse and purchase your togs. Buy now, wear May 5 – 7th! (sorry we do not supply laundry facilities). 



Get your tickets! We have tickets for the reception; new from last year, pay it forward dance and film tickets as well as individual tickets, Weekend Passes and Brunch Tickets. Head over here!

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30 years Llff

LLFF 30th Anniversary merch!

30 years Llff

LLFF 30th Anniversary merch!

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