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Audience Choice Awards

The audience has spoken! These are the three selections for the 2015 London Lesbian Film Festival audience choice awards. Congratulations to all involved in these productions.



Tru Love

Written, Directed & Produced By Kate Johnston & Shauna MacDonald



Out In The Night

Director/Producer: Giovanna Chesler



First Clue

Director: Susan Sullivan

Tickets are Still available

Ticket sales have been going very well. This year’s festival will prove to be one of our biggest EVER. We’re pleased to have a new event during  the Sunday Brunch. We have FOUR  beautiful paintings being auctioned off by local artist (you can even rub elbows with them at the Film Fest!) We’ve listed the artists below. You’ll have the chance to bid on their artwork at the Brunch. Check out their bios and web pages. Even if you are lucky enough to be the winning bidder – you can never surround yourself with enough art.

Get Your
Tickets 2015!

Tickets are no longer available online. Don’t fret! Tickets will still be available at their respective venues. Dance tickets will be available at the the theatres before the films and at the London Music Hall when the doors open for the dance.) Weekend passes, brunch tickets and film *passes* are no longer available. (Individual film tickets are still available).
If you plan on buying tickets at the Village idiot, please be aware that The Village Idiot will only be selling Dance tickets as of Friday, April 23.

Great places to eat while you’re at the Festival

There are lots great restaurants in the area – we’ve assembled a few of the restaurants that support the festival here. Everything from meat lovin’ to vegan. We have provided a two page pdf with information – one full page of restaurants, addresses and phone numbers and the second page is a handy map, for those who prefer to navigate the old fashioned way. Bon appetite! Click here to download the pdf.

Loren Griffyn

Loren Griffyn

Margaret Rossiter

Margaret Rossiter

Maureen Riley

Maureen Riley

Pauline Moss

Pauline Moss

To learn more about these artists head over here for their bios and links to their social media sites and websites …


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