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Friday Audience Choice Award

Friday Audience Choice Award

Stop Calling Me Honey Bunny

Director: Gabrielle Zilkha

A couple take a proactive approach to enhancing their sex life and, in doing so, face deep questions about the nature of their relationship. The catch? They’re bunnies.

Saturday Audience Choice Award

Saturday Audience Choice Award

The Devotion Project:
Foremost in My Mind

Director: Antony Osso

A documentary celebrating the love between Gail Marquis, an Olympic medalist, and former fashion model Audrey Smaltz, two African American women who met later in life.

Sunday Audience Choice Award

Sunday Audience Choice Award

Performing Girl

Director: Crescent Diamond

A short documentary about D’Lo, a queer, transgender, Tamil Sri Lankan American actor, writer, director and comic who got his start at age 11 performing for his family.


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LLFF Dance Photos

Hey there Saturday night dance goers! Photos are up… Firstly, they are FREE, so please download your image and share as you like. Images are at: www.dananosella.com in the gallery called LLFF (first one).