It’s here. We can’t wait to see you.

Tickets are no longer available to purchase online.
Friday and Saturday film tickets may be purchased at the door at Althouse College, Western University. Sunday film tickets may be purchased at the door at Aeolian Hall. 
Dance tickets will be available at the door. 

Film Tickets


Brunch ‘n’ Stuff


7:00 pm
Doors Open 6:30 pm
Althouse College Faculty of Education
1137 Western Road

Cash only concession

Get yer Friday Film Tickets here! Hold tight to this baby because not only will it gain you entry to all Friday films, but it will also get you into our opening reception held after the films.


1:00 pm
Doors Open 12:30 pm
Althouse College Faculty of Education
1137 Western Road

Cash only concession

Gain admittance to all of Saturday films with this ticket.

Sunday Aeolian Hall

2:00 pm
Doors Open 1:30 pm
Aeolian Hall
795 Dundas Street East
Hey, if you bought a weekend pass you’ll be watching films at The Carousel Room after the brunch!

Weekend Passes

Weekend Passes are no longer available.


Your best bet – get a Weekend Pass! The Weekend Pass gets you into all events. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday films; the opening reception; Brunch; and the dance. Get it and forget it! No need to futz around looking for loose tickets. A weekend pass is also fashion forward. It comes with a jaunty lanyard so that you can walk around like a hep cat with your pass around your neck. Eat your heart out Tiffany’s. AND remember that for you, you weekend pass holder, Sunday films will be viewed at The Carousel Room after the brunch.

Film Passes


Maybe you can’t make it out to the dance and the brunch. Maybe, you’re just interested in seeing the films? We’ll miss you at the other events, but hey, we get it. Here’s the perfect solution for you: The Film Pass. This will get you into all of the films – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Brunch tickets are no longer available.

Sunday 10:30 am
Doors open 10:00 am
Carousel Room, Western Fair District

Another great breakfast buffet as well as many great items from our business supporters offered on Silent Auction & Live Auction with the Auctionista Layne Way. As usual our auction will featuring artwork from local artists.

We are proud to have the hilariously talented comic Jennie McNulty.


Doors Open 8:30 pm

Dance starts 9:00 pm
London Music Hall 
185 Queens Avenue
Tickets will be on sale at the venue, so, like last year,  you won’t see the usual buy your dance tickets now, button. There’s lots of room, no need to worry, we’ve got your back. When you get to the London Music Hall make sure you’ve got $15 cold hard cash.
If you have a Weekend Pass, you’ve already got admittance to the Dance.
Dance tickets available at the venue.